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Good [yawn] Morning Party Pandas,

Are you as tired as we are?

Pssssst! Don’t type so loudly, I need to sleep.

As you can see, Max and I are totally worn out from all the partying. 3 days worth of a New Years party – even Max and I can’t just do that and be totally fresh and chipper.

That’s why we’ll go back to bed and sleep some more now. I can barely keep my eyes open [yawn] We have to be totally rested for the New Years Eve Party tonight :)

Have a great night! We’ll talk to you again in 2014:)
Your Party Reporters,
Ella and a sleeping Max, he he

December 29th, 2013

Hello Christmas Pandas,

Unfortunately Christmas is over again already. We hope you had lovely holidays and some great gifts. At least you still have a few days off to enjoy your new presents.

But the next highlight is just around the corner: New Years!!! 2013 is almost out and 2014 is looming.

Looks weird, right? I bet it’ll take me ages to get used to the new number…Thinking about the fact that I was born in a year that starts with 19 and not 20, I feel a bit old.

Ah Max, don’t dwell on it and let’s celebrate instead. You’re not that old ;) Everybody is in a New Years mood at the Ballroom in the Castle already!! We’ll be celebrating the new year for 3 entire days, yaaay! Come on over to the Castle and celebrate with us. Don’t forget to dress up a bit!

Soon it’s all 10…9…8…7…6… :)

Not so fast, Max! Before we start into the new year, I’d like to know if our Pandas have any resolutions for 2014? Personally, I want to stop eating so many sweets, because they just make me feel icky.

And I want to do more sports next year.

Looking forward to hear about your resolutions!

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

good morning love pandas everything ok now there is björn 100 in English coll or resound the ears stheif

 max and ella


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